Juggalos Don’t Dance Contest

Hosted by the super sexy and talented all-female dance crew The Monster Dolls, get ready to show off your dance skills in this very controversial contest, because it’s well known that Juggalos don’t dance! But don’t worry about that, because this contest is all about entertaining the judges with your skillful, silly, or embarrassing dance moves, because as everyone knows the worst dancers are often the most entertaining to watch. Everyone will be given 45 seconds to a minute to school it. The DJ can play whatever song you request or bring your own music on CD or portable device.

Prizes: First Place Only—$100 gift certificate and any Gathering banner of your choice! (Yes, it’s true, you can pick any one of the dozens of Gathering banners hanging throughout the grounds and it will be yours to take home on Sunday.) Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins.