Texas Hold’em Bounty Tournament

Call, raise, and bluff your way to victory, or fold like you work in a laundromat. The choices are yours to make and yours alone, because it’s you against a deep field of some of the most talented poker players the Juggalo world has to offer. Can you read the tells, handle the pressure, and remain stoic while you hold pocket queens as the third lady appears on the turn? We shall see, my friend. Indeed, we shall see.

Prizes: First Place—Texas Holdem Plaque and a custom-made case of 300 Hatchetman poker chips; Second Place—$100 gift certificate; Third Place—$50 gift certificate; Bounty Prize—$50 gift certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the tournament begins (80 players max) and must know how to play the game and deal.