The Neden Game

“Let’s meet Contestant #1...” Since the very first Gathering of the Juggalos, the Neden Game has been revered as the most irreverent, politically incorrect, Dating Game–style contest the world has ever seen! One Juggalette will choose one of five most likely scrubby-as-fuck Juggalos based on their penetrative answers to her questions as her date for that evening. Then the role will be reversed with one Juggalo asking five Juggalettes their answers. Do you have the game, skills, and sharp wit to win the heart (and maybe the sweet Cotton Candy or Popsicles) of a would-be suitor? Then step up playa, and enter the Neden Game!

The winner of each round will get to go on a date from 8pm–Midnight, with their dates also acting as their personal backstage escort!