Wet T-Shirt Contest

Perhaps it was Decker, the time-traveling, mammary-obsessed scientist from the 2015 Gathering infomercial who best summed up the notorious Wet T-Shirt Contest: ”Juggalettes?! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see all those NIPPLES!” Yes, indeed, there be areolas aplenty for your viewing pleasure at the Wet T-Shirt contest, where Juggalettes can compete for who’s got the bestest breasts just outside the Midwest! So get ready for your temperature to rise while the Juggalettes cool down, drenched in wet, sticky Faygo goodness to the roaring appreciation of the crowd.

Prizes: First Place—$300 in cash; Second Place—$100 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins with a white T-shirt, if possible. A private dressing room will be provided.