Diamond Stage Lineup

51 Shades of Snuff (Lyrikal Snuff Productionz Deadly Medley)

Blood. Guts. Gore. And Snuff. Are you ready? Calling all psychopaths and sick fucks! Lyrikal Snuff Productionz has established itself as one of the true players in the underground music scene, making wicked shit hip hop that to date remains unmatched and untouched as they master their craft and continue to bring all the murder, madness, and mayhem that Juggalos love. This is horrorcore at its finest, as only the underground phenoms LSP can bring. Be there for the 51 Shades of Snuff show, a deadly medley style showcase featuring LSP’s roster all showing off their murderous skills and sinister presence. Participants include Liquid Assassin, SCUM, Damien Quinn of Dark Half, Smallz One, Claas, and Insane Poetry. Prepare to get bloody!