Diamond Stage Lineup


They call him the illest four-letter word. He is a living legend. A lyricist unmatched, an artist to the fullest, a true wordsmith, whose rap style is so unique, so incredibly visual that it has been described as “Movies for the Blind.” With his sick plot twists and horrific imagery, Cage Kennylz is an icon, and we don’t throw that word around lightly. This is huge, Juggalos and Juggalettes! With hard-hitting beats and crazy lyrics, witness the M.C. who has been putting it down in the streets since 1991 with an incredible catalogue of work that borders on the likes of pure, demented poetry, with indescribably innovative and captivating tales of horror, murder, drugs, street life—you name it. And with his new horrorcore-infused alter ego Sam Hill in the mix? Get ready to be terrified, shocked, and amazed. Cage Kennylz is hitting the GOTJ stage! Find out just why they call him the illest four-letter word. GOTJ will never be the same!

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