Diamond Stage Lineup


Fast, ferocious, and fuckin’ fearless, Dope is a band that you do not want to mess with. Not only can lead singer Edsel Dope whip your ass (seriously), but this is a band so hard, heavy, and menacing that the New Musical Express once wrote about them, “In American Pie, a boy puts his cock in an apple pie, to let us know that theres’ something rotten at the heart of the American Dream. Ex-con brothers Edsel and Simon Dope, though, would probably put someone elses’ cock in the apple pie, cut it off, lace the pie with strychnine, and serve it up at the Clinton dinner table”. Their words, not ours. Known the world over for their nosebleedinducing industrial grind metal, Dope will give you something to mosh about when they overtake the Gathering of the Juggalos stage. Go ahead…take a hit!