Diamond Stage Lineup

Jelly Roll

Southern Juggalos, stand up! It’s ya boy in the house, live and in effect, bringin’ you that flavor from the Dirty South with that Juggalo twist in the mix to tear shit up. A Juggalo to the fullest, Jelly Roll loves hip hop, the Juggalo Family, and yup, Waffle House! (He recently announced a plan to visit every last Waffle House in existence, possibly to stab people or fuck the nightshift waitress in the bathroom…pure speculation!) Having toured with ICP many times, Jelly Roll is the kind of MC that makes an impression everywhere he goes and rocks the stage, leaving the audience shaken, dazed, and wondering what the fuck just hit them. With dope lyrics that range from the heartfelt to hilarious, Jelly Roll returns to the Gathering stage this year, for the Family Reunion! Get ready to get dirty with the Dirty, Dirty South!