Diamond Stage Lineup

Kung Fu Vampire

Get infected and join the unrepentant hordes of the undead! When Juggalo Gathering favorite Kung Fu Vampire hits the stage, jump in the pit and get bit as the thirst for blood overwhelms and consumes you! With his relentless pounding sounds bumpin out the speakers and unparalleled displays of kung fu mastery, you’ll soon learn why this Juggalo icon is known far and wide as a mix between Nosferatu and Bruce Lee. The San Jose native turned Transylvanian is on the rise like a bat in the night, and shows no signs of stopping like lightning-fast fists of fury pounding your teeth into the back of your neck. Clutch to your cross in fear because the kung fu master of darkness is here. KFV is in this piece! Back again to celebrate with the fam. Whoop whoop!

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