Diamond Stage Lineup

Waka Flaka Flame

“I Go Hard in the Muthafuckin Paint!” Did you expect anything less, Juggalos? Get ready for the party master himself, the ultimate rap titan making his historic return to GOTJ at the blinged out Diamond Stage, bringing that crazy fresh energy that hits the Juggalo fam like an atomic wave. Light it up and burn the house down, with the one, the only, Waka Flocka Flame! There are two types of Juggalos in the world—those who witnessed the historic performance of Waka Flocka at the 2015 GOTJ and those who have only heard the legend of how it went down. Back then, ninjas didn’t even know what to expect from Waka—and then he shook the Juggalo World to its very core when he stage dove right into the crowd during his set, started a pit, and a surge of energy erupted and engulfed the entire crowd. Hype! Since then, he’s been down with the clown, rocking the stage at Hallowicked and reppin the fam. Start a pit, bitch! Prepare to fill them cups and burn one down, cuz Waka Flocka is in the house!