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Wake Zone Water Park*

No boat needed at the Wake Zone, a unique water sports park designed for wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, or wakeskating. Whether you are an experienced athlete or it’s your first time strapping into a wakeboard, the Wake Zone is the perfect place for you. The experienced staff will get you on the water in no time. The cable system can pull up to 7 participants at the same time. No appointment needed to wakeboard. Just show up! The overhead cable system runs in a continuous counterclockwise motion, allowing riders to enjoy a nonstop water sports adventure. After a rider falls, it’s just a quick swim to shore and a walk back to the dock, and you’re ready for another go! Check out www.lostlakesamp.com for pricing.*

*Note: the Wake Zone is operated by the venue. Admission isn't included with your Gathering ticket.