Red Moon Stage Lineup

Green Jell├┐

It’s pronounced ‘Green JELLO,’ much like the wiggly, bone-filled dessert that once got him into serious legal trouble. No matter the name, the mad genius behind this one-of-a-kind experiment in music almost defies description and certainly defies convention. Is Green Jelly—known for the Platinum-selling album “Cereal Killer Soundtrack”—an experiment in art rock? Punk rock meets the theater of the absurd? A “Rocky Horror Picture Show”-style audience participation revue? We don’t know but what we do know is that Green Jelly absolutely killed at Gathering 17 and the demand for his return has been overwhelming. And since we love making Juggalos happy, we are proud to announce that Green Jelly is back at the Gathering! And yes, he’s bringing all the masks with him! Whoop whoop!