Red Moon Stage Lineup

Lil' Debbie

A sultry figure steps forth from a plume of the sweetest purple kush. Legs for days. Ass like DWAM. Face like an angel. And then…she spits the dope flows that make the party explode as all chaos ensues. Pass me the blunt! The hardcore femcee Lil’ Debbie stands in nobody’s shadow, laying down dope raps that are sweeter than any snack cake on Earth. Prepare to get the munchies as the sweet leaf starts puffin’, ya homegirl Lil’ Debbie starts spittin’ fire, and you’re left hungry for more. Known for her fresh mixtapes and crazy jams that rock the party, Lil’ Debbie is reppin for the Juggalettes and prepared to slay the stage with her crazy fresh ways and dope flows. Prepare yourself for the inaugural Gathering appearance of the underground sensation herself and certified kush-puffing kween Lil’ Debbie, who brings big flavor!

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