Side Shows

Bizarro World

Imagine a moonlit realm where everyone’s creative spirit runs free and uninhibited in every capacity. Where the sounds of drum circles fill the atmosphere with camaraderie, fellowship, and Juggalo love for one another. Dancers writhe without hesitation or fear of judgement to the music as it moves throughout their soul so deeply that their bodies must respond in joyful expression. This is the magical land of Bizarro World, an enchanted clearing at the Gathering where creativity in every imaginable medium is celebrated during the nighttime hours. Enter this mystical world and be enraptured by its magical spell.

Peep This Shit Stage

Anyone can come to the Chaos Stage during the hours listed above and take advantage of the full stage with a professional high-end sound system. Grab a mic and perform from the very heart of the Gathering itself for all to see and hear. This is an open mic event on the grandest scale! A soundman will be on hand just to help you set up your show (either bring your beats or music can be provided). With 3 available mics for you to use, you can showcase whatever talent you possess, from standup, singing, playing an instrument, or rapping, whether alone or with a group. Here is your chance to shine for the entire Juggalo family!

Psychopathic Radio Live at the Gathering

This now infamous live broadcast being brought to you by Wolfpac brings you epic tales of flavor, madness, and Juggalo tactics, to be passed down for generations. Always off the chain, stop by to see unbridled debauchery at its best as the half-naked girls of Wolfpac spin and dance on stripper poles to some of the best underground music in the Juggalo world. With plenty of chances to win prizes during their wild contests, stop by for your fill of beats, eats, treats, and skeets. It’s a spectacle not to be missed, because if you do, you will only regret it as you hear the tales of it afterwards.

Sickening Skin Suspension Show Spectacular

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and the daring and loony body modification artists of the Sickening Skin Suspension Show Spectacular will take you on a journey exploring the very limits of what the skin is capable of withstanding. If you’re brave or deranged enough, come see these performance artists do stunts that will turn your stomach as you gasp in both disgust and awe as they willfully insert razor sharp meat hooks into various parts of their anatomy and are lifted off the ground for your demented viewing pleasure!

The FreakShow Deluxe

Step right up, folks, and witness oddities, weirdos, and performance artists of the most unusual kind as they stretch, contort, and inflict self-injury and discomfort all in the name of Juggalo entertainment! Whether it’s glass chewers, sword swallowers, fire breathers, or ninjas performing insane feats of strength and derring do, the FreakShow Deluxe is not for the lily-livered or faint-hearted—it’s a spectacle you'll never forget!

The Kevin Gill Show Live at The Gathering of The Juggalos Podcast—XXL Interactive Edition

Join your homie KG, JCW commentator and cohost of ICP Theater and The Juggalo Show, as he brings a live podcast taping to the Chaos Stage! It’s your PMA Power Hour—an in depth and uncensored interview series with music and wrestling icons, infused with Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)! Past guests include ICP, Rude Boy, Madchild, DJ Paul, Mick Foley, Kung Fu Vampire, Finn Balor, Vampiro, Jerry Lawler, Madman Pondo, Jumpsteady, Matt & Jeff Hardy, and many more! You never know who will stop by to chop it up! PLUS, KG will have some surprises up his sleeve and will be taking questions from the freshest ninjas on earth: the Juggalos!