Bigtop Stage Lineup

DJ Paul

Mafia! Mafia! Mafia! This underground king is ready to tear up the stage for the Dirty South and all your old school Juggalos on the scene who know what the fuck it is! In case you didn’t know? This man is a legend, an icon, an innovator, and one of the dopest in the game. A Gathering legend and Psychopathic Records homie for life, Whoopstock proudly welcomes the one they call King of Memphis, whose hip hop empire has spanned innumerable albums, super groups, club bangers, dirty dirty South jams to wile out to, and so much more in store. From his work with Hypnotize Minds on up to the present day as he continues to build a legacy unmatched, we present to you the one…the only…DJ Paul KOM! Get ready to go ballistic!